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On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 6:09 PM, Thomas Fletcher
<> wrote:
> Unfortunately from my perspective binding 'only' to LuaJIT wouldn't be my choice.

We would not have that problem, since LuaJIT faithfully implements the
public API of Lua, so most extensions are compatible (provided of
course they use the same Windows runtime)

I say 'most' because there are some important exceptions, which go
beyond the public API or depend on the use of Lua 5.1 bytecode.

The 'sharing' problem happens because Lua extensions on Windows are
DLLs which are bound to a particular named DLL, lua5.1.dll or
lua51.dll.  I cannot see any way to run two different Lua executables
without dynamically redefining lua51.dll first. (There are proxy
solutions but they seem a bit clunky)

steve d.