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On Mar 2, 2011, at 7:39 PM, Ryan Pusztai wrote:
Agreed, but I would add:
  * Penlight as a large generic library
  * LuaBitOps
No problem here.

That would be huge. Can we make that happen, at least for the list of required and optional modules I have listed above? That would really make this a real start to the next version of LfW.
I just mashed up a simple working illustration of the concept[1]. For now just the basics modules you listed.

>   * Can this be made to be cross-platform? (I hope so, that is a personal goal)
Yes, LuaDist does this (OS X, Linux/Unix, Windows) but there are issues in more complex modules. Again we could use more feedback and maintainers.
Currently I used .bat script to build it however the concept is the same for all platforms so this is not an issue.