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On Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 11:23 AM, Peter Drahoš <> wrote:
Join the cause at [1]. And yes, I still think at the moment migrating projects to CMake solves most of the issues (independently of platform/IDE/compiler) but its no "Holy Grail".

Great, this is personally my winning vote for building and then put binary rocks in the LuaRocks repo for the Windows platform.
> Things to still figure out:
>   * What are the most important modules for the stripped down version of LfW?
Lua, luasocket, luafilesystem - is the absolute minimum required.

Agreed, but I would add:
  * Penlight as a large generic library
  * LuaBitOps
Optional but highly useful to make one that could write full apps out of the box:
  * read XML [1][2]
  * LuaSQL
  * LuaLogging
  * LuaDoc
  * lunit [3]
  * LeMock [4]
  * Lua-ZMQ[5][6]
  * LPeg

>   * Should Lua and LuaJIT v2.x be included?
Yes, if possible older variants of both too.

>   * Which packaging system should be used? LuaDist ( for building and LuaRocks ( for adding new libraries to users installs?
>   * Is LuaDist still alive and active? I goto and the website is just a place holder. Can someone in the project comment?
LuaDist is still active. Most of the team is busy with other tasks at the moment but I'm sure we could create a build for LfW fairly quickly (MinGW+CMake) as most of the modules are already available. There are issues with the automated deployment utility but building the modules manually or tailoring a build script specific for LfW requirements is possible. The Bootstrap[2] process we use for setting up the automated deployment of modules is basically it but with minimum selection of required modules.

That would be huge. Can we make that happen, at least for the list of required and optional modules I have listed above? That would really make this a real start to the next version of LfW.
Please note that LuaDist itself lacks maintainers and could use the collaboration. We have recently moved the project to GitHub[3] and are missing the project page. However Wiki content and all dist were successfully moved.

I think your main website should point to GitHub. I remember that there was documentation on how to use and write a "dist" but I can't find it now.
>   * Can this be made to be cross-platform? (I hope so, that is a personal goal)
Yes, LuaDist does this (OS X, Linux/Unix, Windows) but there are issues in more complex modules. Again we could use more feedback and maintainers.

Yes this is my main reason for using LuaDist to build the Lua distribution.

[1]  ( I currently use this in a bunch of projects and it works great.