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Andrew Wilson wrote:

> Thank you, Roberto , Waldemar and Luiz, it's a great list, very
> enlightening discussions and a great way to keep up with many of the
> hot topics in software development.  AGRW

I'd like to echo my thanks to those gentlemen.

Lua is a great "little" language, and my preference for personal
projects.  Small, clean, elegant.  I'm still learning its subtleties,
and thankfully, this does not mean it is full of hidden "gotchas" like
other languages I could name.

And both Roberto and Luiz have been fantastic on this list and for Lua
in general.  It is great to have them both be active and responsive to
everything from newbie questions to deep issues (and criticism) of
the language design.

And speaking of design...

The design and implementation of Lua clearly shows good engineering
practices.  The hallmark of a good design is when you see one feature
that solves several problems.  Lua actually takes this to the next
level, where the features all positively reinforce each other; each
makes all the others work better.  So I encourage everyone on this
list to consider the full ramifications of any proposed language
change. :-)

My thanks also go out to everyone who is trying to make this small
programming community better.

James Graves