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Related to this topic, is it possible to profile lua code called from c side which uses luajit for execution? Profiling code is usually the suggested approach to improve the performance of prpgrms by finding out the bottleknecks... regards

On 22 Feb 2011 10:19, "Francesco Abbate" <> wrote:


I've modified the implementation of the rkf45 ode integrator in
vectorial form, now it is slightly simpler and I was hoping faster
because I dont pass a pointer to a member instance of an ffi

The results are still accurate but the program it is slow like before
or similar.

I add in attachment the two files. Please note that I've added a line
to load with ffi the 'libgslcblas-0' library. This should work on
windows with gsl-shell or plain luajit provided that you have
installed the library (included with gsl library).

I hope to get some help because I'm stuck for the moment...