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Very like it, with apr.thread and apr.thread_queue, it's time to replace lua-lanes with lua-apr.

And some suggestion below.
1) int luaopen_apr_core(lua_State *L) should be LUA_API int luaopen_apr_core(lua_State *L), this will export luaopen_apr_core without def.( I use MSVC 2008 project to build it).
2) apr2 in developing, and apr2 has no apu_version_string(), should use APR_MAJOR_VERSION to support apr2.
3) in io_net.c, maybe sock-fd(really int) is created in c funcion and pass to lua side, this fd should support pass to apr-socket paramater to convert to apr-socket objects, just like  apr.socket_create([protocol [, family[,sock_fd_handle]]])  socket I remeber someone hack luasocket to support this feature, With this I can replace luasocket with apr.socket

Thnaks very much.

2011/2/20 Alex Bradbury <>
On 19 February 2011 17:36, Peter Odding <> wrote:
> Since my previous announcement I've written a lot of documentation and added
> more than a thousand lines of unit tests which by now reach about 80% test
> coverage (I run the test suite on Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP before every
> release). A lot of new functionality has been added as well:

I just want to say thank you for your hard work on lua-apr. I really
appreciate the effort you put into the documentation, and the
extensive unit tests are comforting too. So far, I've mainly just used
lua-apr for the process handling but I expect to be putting more of it
to use in the near future.