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> > It would be nice, perhaps, if Lua had a way to define true, efficient
> > constants.

> Sounds like a job for the token-filter patch ...

I think I've posted this here, but anyway... Ah, it was a different version:

The code below works with the C token filter after it (it expands only numbers).

-- test.lua

MACROS= { age=23, year=2010 }

	print("My age is "..age.." and it's "..year)

* proxy.c
* lexer proxy for Lua parser -- implements preprocessing of named constants
* Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <>
* 08 May 2010 11:05:02
* This code is hereby placed in the public domain.
* Add <<#include "proxy.c">> just before the definition of luaX_next in llex.c

static int nexttoken(LexState *ls, SemInfo *seminfo)
	int t=llex(ls,seminfo);
	if (t==TK_NAME) {
		lua_State *L=ls->L;
		if (lua_isnil(L,-1)) {
			return t;
		if (lua_type(L,-1)==LUA_TNUMBER) {
			seminfo->r = lua_tonumber(L,-1);
	return t;

#define llex nexttoken