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I apologize to the rest of the list that I have to post this.


On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 15:58, Patrick Mc(avery
<> wrote:
> I respect both Alexander and Marc for their political positions, they are
> men of principle, trying to be good citizens of the world. This discussion
> actually mirrors the larger ones of what to do about dictatorships, engage,
> boycott or invade. No easy answers here.

Just to clarify once again, since it, apparently, not clear. This must
be due to my imperfect English.

I did not express my political position here (whatever it is). And I
did not oppose Marc's political position, I do not care for it.

I did object to the rude (in my opinion) form in which Marc expressed
his political views. To reiterate: the objection is not to the
person's political views, the objection is to the person's manners.

Shutting up now. Let's let this thread die, please.