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I respect both Alexander and Marc for their political positions, they are men of principle, trying to be good citizens of the world. This discussion actually mirrors the larger ones of what to do about dictatorships, engage, boycott or invade. No easy answers here.

I also respect those who told them to shut up in the name of the Lua list's functionality. The Lua team has given us a great gift and we should respect what this list is designed for.

Marc, again I respect you but did you HAVE to say something about Cuba? It was not emerging as the leading contender. If it was then you would not be able to attend and I think you would have the right to speak up but again we weren't there yet.

Kevin, did you HAVE to take a shot a Switzerland regarding Muslims?

Edward, did you have to make remarks about Americans? again Cuba is not the leading contender and there is no one offering to host it in the USA. I am sure Monday morning we are going to get a flood of emails about this, none of which will be pleasant to read.

Leo, did you HAVE to take a shot at Marc? The flame war had died down, now Marc has to defend himself and others will attack after he does.

I would not spend my money in 40+ countries and I would be reluctant in 40 more. I have fanatical political ideas and none of them need to be expressed here as I cannot attend unless this ends up being 15 minutes from my home.

Could everyone please, please, please(yes I am begging now) please restrict such posts to a do-or-die, this won't allow me to attend situation!