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Am 12.02.11 20:24, schrieb Alexander Gladysh:
> On Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 22:15, Marc Balmer <> wrote:
>> Am 12.02.11 20:08, schrieb Bogdan Marinescu:
>> If anyone suggests holding a workshop in a country that is led by a
>> dicator, like Cuba, or, e.g. Belarussia, I will raise my voice.  This
>> has nothing to do with political BS, but these are countries that
>> suppress, torture, and kill, their people.  Their political systems are
>> contradictory to the spirit of freedom of anything.
> Do you have reasons to think that Professor Luis G. Viciedo
> Caraballoso suppressed, tortured and killed people personally?

I did not even hint at this.

> If not, then why do you treat *him* as a criminal? He volunteered to
> help the Lua community. If you find his offer of help inacceptable
> because of political reasons, it is your right. But, please be good to
> express your opinion in polite form!

I did not call any names nor point fingers.

> I find discussions of politics on this list totally unacceptable.

Sometimes, these discussions are needed.

> Alexander.