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Am 12.02.11 20:08, schrieb Bogdan Marinescu:

>> I think a workshop on free software should be held in a free country.
>> Cuba is certainly not the grounds to speak about freedom of anything.
> Can you please stop with the political BS already and focus on the
> actual topic instead? I personally like the idea of organizing it in
> Europe very much, it would make it much easier for me to attend. I
> suspect a lot of other people feel the same. Can't say how much "a
> lot" is though.

If anyone suggests holding a workshop in a country that is led by a
dicator, like Cuba, or, e.g. Belarussia, I will raise my voice.  This
has nothing to do with political BS, but these are countries that
suppress, torture, and kill, their people.  Their political systems are
contradictory to the spirit of freedom of anything.

Keep in mind that I am Swiss, a country with a long record of direct
democracy.  Cuba could, and in fact should, learn a lot from Switzerland.

I do not want to abuse this mailing list for political statements.  But
a workshop on free software in a dictatorship is just a no-go.