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David Given wrote:
> (Incidentally, I'm rather impressed by DynASM, and can think of a number
> of potential uses for it --- what's *that* like to port? And is there an
> ARM version?)

You can check out the git log to see what it took for the PPC
port. As part of the ARM port of LuaJIT there'll be an ARM port of
DynASM, too.

> > In fact I'm using vector ops for the type checks on e500. :-)
> > And I make extensive use of the isel op, which is missing on most
> > other PPC CPUs. Thankfully FreeScale publishes really good CPU
> > docs, so I've hand-scheduled the whole code for optimal use of the
> > execution units. This makes it a bit tough to port to the regular
> > PPC CPU/FPU combo.
> Does the JIT take advantage of this information as well, or is this just
> for the hand-written interpreter? If so, that makes the bottom end of
> the JIT rather intriguing as a standalone code generator...

There is no JIT for PPC, yet. Maybe you missed that the original
posting says 'PPC/e500 port of the LuaJIT interpreter'.