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On 11/02/11 21:57, Mike Pall wrote:
> The LuaJIT interpreter is written in assembler, so you'd have to
> use a completely different instruction set.

Ah, yes, I'd forgotten about the interpreter. Having looked at the
source code, rewriting that would not be a lot of fun.

(Incidentally, I'm rather impressed by DynASM, and can think of a number
of potential uses for it --- what's *that* like to port? And is there an
ARM version?)

> In fact I'm using vector ops for the type checks on e500. :-)
> And I make extensive use of the isel op, which is missing on most
> other PPC CPUs. Thankfully FreeScale publishes really good CPU
> docs, so I've hand-scheduled the whole code for optimal use of the
> execution units. This makes it a bit tough to port to the regular
> PPC CPU/FPU combo.

Does the JIT take advantage of this information as well, or is this just
for the hand-written interpreter? If so, that makes the bottom end of
the JIT rather intriguing as a standalone code generator...

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