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On 11/02/11 16:05, Mike Pall wrote:
> About the PPC/e500 port of the LuaJIT interpreter: please note
> this will _not_ run on other PPC-based machines (e.g. game
> consoles).

Is this because it uses the e500v2's non-standard FPU? If so, what would
be involved in porting it to use the standard PowerPC FPU? Not that I
want to do it, I'm just curious about the LuaJIT architecture for
handling this sort of thing.

(I would naively assume that most FPUs these days just implement the
standard IEEE operations, so that they differ only in what the opcodes
look like --- a mul ought to look like a mul regardless of CPU
architecture. I don't know whether this actually works in real life.)

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