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On 02/11/2011 05:02 PM, Luis Gabriel Viciedo Caraballoso wrote:
I appreciate the intelligent and honest answers given to my simple
proposal. All I read carefully.
Of course, I claim the right to host sometime Lua workshop in Havana.
Anyway, who wants to go to our university to show our group of students
and teachers the undeniable Lua potential in many areas, consider a
standing invitation.
I suggest that wherever you decide to finally make this Workshop, it
would be an online infrastructure that could show the work and
discussions for those who can not be present at the event.
My first appearance in the list has been so loud .... but I do not
regret because I met a sincere and interesting people.



*Professor Luis G. Viciedo Caraballoso.
Department of Digital Systems and Professional Practice.
Interactive Learning Environments Project.
University of Computer Sciences. (UCI). La Habana.
Mobile / SMS: (+53 5) 3716037*

It's great to have you on the list, you have a very positive attitude-Patrick