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On 11-02-2011 19:08, Aleph wrote:
In the case, why not Brasil? This seems the natural choise.
2005 California
2006 Holland
2008 Washington D.C
2009 Brazil
2011 ?

I think Europe is the right choice, even though I don't mind travel to some far away location. And I would love to host it in Copenhagen/Denmark. But its not a one-man job anymore, and so far, nobody has come forward to help me :)

Turnout will properly be in the 100+ area, and after the big crisis, it has become rather expensive to get facilities for a conference. Its a lot easier to get a free facility for 50 people, than for 200..

I have been at ws2006 and ws2008, and both times, there was no registration fee, the workshop was free (as in beer). But I cannot find facilities here in Copenhagen that will host 150 people without charging something.

So what would be an acceptable registration fee? $50 pr. day, $100 pr day ?

And will 2 days be enough, or are we looking at 3 days this time ?