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Am 10.02.11 11:35, schrieb Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo:
>> a lot of non-USian-americans find that offensive
> Can we now go back to discussing the Lua Workshop 2011 or is this thread
> lost forever to bickering?

With all the fighting over which countries are suited and which are not,
I am proposing neutral grounds for the Workshop...

Located on a nice hillside between the two Swiss towns Basel and Zurich
in Switzerland is the FIBL, the Research Institute of Organic Farming
(see  They provide excellent
conference facilities in a nice and calm setting, which is inspiring to
the mind:

After a day of conference work, a wine tasting from their own
organically grown wines can round up a nice day and give opportunity for
talks and chatter.

The FIBL is about 40mins by train from either Basel (airport code BSL)
or Zurich (airport code ZRH), located near the small town, or rather
village, of Frick, which has Hotels, Restaurants etc.