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As far as I can tell, no one has scoped this thing so that suggestions can be more on point. The other thing that does not seem to strike a chord is the idea that there must be locals to make an event go. The physical organization can be handled by convention bureaus almost anywhere you would want to go, and the content and leadership will come out of the leaders who attend the conference. I doubt that there are more than a few spots in this world where there is a high concentration of lua users, this being a largely internet group and it does not seem likely that the few places with such a concentration will be more than remotely suitable for such a meeting. As a cogent example, I work on a project (not lua) that has two contributors living in Brazil, one Brazilian living in the western US, and two other US participants, one in Texas and one on the east coast of the US, none of which have physically met, and all of which seem to get along quite well, such as the relationship is. I doubt that we will ever meet. If I were going to do this, I would set up a teleconference with online white boards and record the sessions for those who cannot attend in real time. That would save a ton of money, provide more materials for people to have as reference, and get entirely rid of this not too productive discussion of locations. I really don't have to go pub crawling with folks to value what they have to say on a technical subject.

Everett L(Rett) Williams II