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People continue to suggest places without having any idea if there are
people in that location that can actually help organise. Beyond that,
the amount of absurd political spewing that is going on in this thread
is completely inappropriate given the warning that have already been
expressed by Luiz. If you want to flame each other, take it off list.

Organising a workshop like this is not an easy matter; you can ask
Matthew Burke and the Lua team itself how much work goes into even a
small event like this. Suggesting locations (other than the moon,
where we have plenty of help) without having someone there willing to
organise the event isn't terribly useful, no matter how much you might
like a holiday here or there.

I would love to host this in Oxford, but after asking around for
assistance and help it seems that there is no one else that is related
to the University or on this mailing list who is actually up for and
willing to help organise, so unfortunately I can't be of much help.

Please let's stay on track?

- Jim