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On Wednesday 02 February 2011 04:41:33 Philippe Lhoste wrote:

> Yes. Or Scheme (Gimp), Tcl (forgot which soft), a dialect of Pascal (IzArc,
>  Inno Setup) or even some self-made language (urgh!).
> Some are easier to learn than others (I put Lua in the "easy" section!).

I'd put Lua in the "easier than breathing" section! Not only is it easy when 
you're a raw noob, but unlike Ruby, Perl and several others, it's easy when 
you know it but don't use it every day. Other languages' syntaxes are so 
complex or surprising that you still need the manual on the screen. With Lua, 
if you understand tables and you understand what a closure looks like, and if 
you've memorized how to write to stdout and stderr, coding the basics is 
pretty much obvious.

Compare syntax for callbacks in Lua to callbacks in C or even Perl.


Steve Litt
Recession Relief Package