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On Tue, Feb 01, 2011 at 03:49:41AM +0200, Miles Bader wrote:
> Andrew Lentvorski <> writes:
> > No, but if you are being responsible when choosing your programming
> > language, it causes you to stop and ask: "Is there a *good* reason
> > this hasn't taken off?"
> Popularity is typically the result of being in the right place, at the
> right time, and not completely dropping the ball.  It's usually a waste
> of time to try and find much more meaning than that in it.
> [That doesn't stop people from trying, of course...]
I don't know where this notion that Lua is not popular comes from,
except maybe that since it is so easily embeddable, you don't always
know that it has been used.  E.g. unlike Python, the lua interpreter
is not part of the default Ubuntu installation, yet didn't someone
point out recently that the grub boot loader has some Lua in it?

Heck, if a language is useed every time someone boots Ubuntu, doesn't 
that count as popular?