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Hi all,

For want of a better description, Lazarus is kinda sorta like a free-software 
Delphi -- drag and drop development on top, free-pascal underneath.

Lazarus is nice for quickly building Gui stuff, but Pascal isn't as good as 
Lua. While searching for Lua files on my computer I noticed that Lazarus came 
with some Lua files, so I looked up Lua and Lazarus on Google. Here are some 
things I found:

pLua: A Lua wrapper for FPC, Lazarus, and Delphi,

pas2lua and lua for Delphi/FPC: A collection of source files to use Lua 
scripting inside of Delphi/FPC/Lazarus,

Have any of you used Lua with Lazarus or even Delphi? I'm thinking it could be 
a powerful combination.



Steve Litt
Recession Relief Package