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On 1/31/11 1:35 AM, steve donovan wrote:
On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 11:27 AM, Alex Bradbury<>  wrote:
I'm not at all unhappy with Lua's syntax,

Ditto; I find it interesting that its very conventional syntax causes
almost as much upset as 1-based arrays.

Don't put syntax and 1-based arrays in the same breath. They're not the same for me.

I can elide syntax across tons of languages and not skip a beat. I look at Perl, Python, and Ruby and see roughly the same syntax--a week or two and I'm comfortable. Prefix things like Lisp didn't make me skip a beat--to me macros weren't that bad. Even something like Erlang barely slows me down (Does that need a period or a semicolon?).

Yet, 1-based arrays always make me rage. It's never going to change, so when I use Lua, I have to value the benefits of using Lua higher than the pain this causes.

It's funny that this is the single thing that prevents me from using Lua more. I've tried and tried (I think I'm probably north of 10,000 lines of Lua code written at this point), but it just never becomes natural.

I guess it's because I think in terms of ranges. Things like micrometers and calipers were always natural to me while other people had a horrible time with them. Shrug.