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> The 'we don't want popularity' meme,

Some variant of stockholm syndrom? :-)

> Ditto; I find it interesting that its very conventional syntax causes
> almost as much upset as 1-based arrays.

Ditto; I never had a problem with 1-based arrays myself, but maybe
because I constructed some deeper meaning to it, than the "wanted to
catch people from fortran", in that case it should only come natural
the same "attractedness" is a deterrend for people coming from
0-indexed languager.

> Well, Lua could become a hot implementation language, as LuaJIT
> continues to improve..

Or rather how about the fixing and documenting the LuaVM to use
implementation background? Despite the logarithmic releae cycle, now
Lua is split into two seperate projects, I suppose the langauge will
fix down eitherway, making changes very hard. At least when
considering doing your own dialect seriously, you have to patch Lua as
well luaJIT, there is no way around JIT nowadays. Alternatively opened
access to the parsed node-tree. That way the gnu compiler collection
works, front ends are seperated by back ends commincating over the
"tree". You can make your own language compilable to all cpus or your
own cpu backend that is then supported by all front end languages.

> At least the last point is easy to fix: just remove metatables and we'll have a better language :-)

the idea of metatables are one of the favorite parts.

> Coffescript

I'm very uncomfortable with the postfix conditions. Its something to
omit when making any instructions, "now boil your potates 30 minutes
.... UNLESS you want to taste it good" ... ahhh