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On 28/01/2011 22.44, Axel Kittenberger wrote:
I suppose many of the arguments in the last months can be
perceived as instances of the different view of the group that sees
Lua as a beginner coders choice (for gaming, or their user group) and
the ones that dont.

Could be, though I think it's more on the line of "I'm used to do this in language X, please implement it in Lua so I could be comfortable" (of course this would generally be a bad thing).

That said, the labeled break proposed by Roberto & Co. seems in line with the rest of the language. I probably won't use it, but I'll raise no objection to having an extra trick available for loop optimization in critical cases.

If you think it could confuse your users, just don't tell them :-) I chose to teach my game scripters only the very basics and they did a very good job in writing simple, effective code. After all, if you give artists a scripting language, you don't expect them to use coroutines or metatables (that's your job behind the scenes); the same goes for break and complex logic in general.