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> You EXCELLED at focusing, as far as I can see, which is why Lua is as strong
> as it is, in my eyes. It found it's niche I thought. Sometimes it looks a
> lot like you don't care to cater to it. I can appreciate if you simply don't
> care (no sarcasm). But I am a little surprised and would like to understand
> that better. I guess I can even live with sticking with Lua 5.1 forever. It
> might be all you ever need and the fallacy, to think that Lua should not
> evolve into something else. But really, that might confuse a lot of people.

Just to add, maybe there different views to what its niche actually
is. As I perceived it and have chosen for it, it was:
 * easy, small, fast
Thats makes it the ideal pick for gaming industry, or configurable
network systems etc. To some degree companies can even expect their
artists to script some game environments in Lua. Small and fast are
nondisputed, Lua is very good in doing that. I though easy was also a
major design goal, since arrays start with 1, there are no +=, ++
operators, which make code look more "scary" to non-longtime-coders. I
just got obeservation that easy either went of the radar slowly, or
maybe it never really was and was just coincidence it happened to fit
it as well. I suppose many of the arguments in the last months can be
perceived as instances of the different view of the group that sees
Lua as a beginner coders choice (for gaming, or their user group) and
the ones that dont.