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rather more like this:

task_description_saving_a_comment(one_var, another_var, third_var, yetanother)
  -- code block using the vars --
  if condition then
     return true one_var, another_var, third_var, yetanother
  return true one_var, another_var, third_var, yetanother

while condition do
   one_var, another_var, third_var, yetanother =
task_description_saving_a_comment(one_var, another_var, third_var,


you could a close instead with upvalues, but that would be a close
creation for every loop iteration, super slow. passing arguments to a
subroutine, getting arguments back is also not ideal.

It really makes the code slow and unreadable.

Yes you do not *need* a form of continue, but a lot of code gets just
more beautiful with, all the workarounds are either 2-3 of these:
ugly, slow, errorprone, hardtoread

You find messages from Luiz and Roberto on the list, they never said
"not planing it, not wanting etc", but as I said before "we arent yet
sure how we want to it". Thats why, lets just hope the idea will get

Kind regards,