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Axel Kittenberger <> writes:

> The sarcastic story as far I read it, the lua gods are waiting for a
> scintillation how to solve it in a general way.

I seem to remember that this was basically considered a scope problem
since "continue" in a repeat-until, when implemented C-like, was
supposed to reevaluate the loop condition, and the loop condition could
refer to local variables introduced after the call of continue.

My take on this had been that the C behavior is undesirable anyway and
that continue in a repeat-until loop should reiterate _straight_ from
the top of the loop without checking the _finishing_ loop condition.

While not "C-like", this would be much more useful, as well as rendering
the scoping problem irrelevant.

I've seen no comment to that proposal from the Lua gods, but I'd not be
overly surprised if "continue" in the subject line of a posting warrants
an automatic killfile entry by now...

David Kastrup