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2011/1/23 GrayFace <>:
> On 23.01.2011 17:35, David Kastrup wrote:
>> I seem to remember that this was basically considered a scope problem
>> since "continue" in a repeat-until, when implemented C-like, was
>> supposed to reevaluate the loop condition, and the loop condition could
>> refer to local variables introduced after the call of continue.
>> My take on this had been that the C behavior is undesirable anyway and
>> that continue in a repeat-until loop should reiterate _straight_ from
>> the top of the loop without checking the _finishing_ loop condition.
>> While not "C-like", this would be much more useful, as well as rendering
>> the scoping problem irrelevant.

I would be also very interested to hear what Lua creators think about
it.  Could we have an official word on this?  Are there any
show-stoppers preventing adding the 'continue' construct with the
above semantics?

> 'Continue' checks conditions of all other loops, so it would be very very
> strange if it's different for repeat..until. Not to mention all other
> languages.

Then it could be named 'reloop' instead of 'continue' or whatever else
is deemed appropriate.  This is really of secondary importance to this