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Quoth Steve Litt <>, on 2011-01-19 00:03:53 -0500:
> Hi all, 
> I've been RTFW all night but no joy when it comes to either running C from Lua 
> or running Lua from C. I tried this:

Jeez, what's ey doing?  You can't nest functions like that in standard
C.  GNU C supports some of that as an extension, but still...

Wow, and look at the brash and insulting "no content" message if you
try to access the root of that site to see who the author is.

> It seems like my computer has /usr/lib/ but no corresponding 
> liblualib51.*, and I'm using Lua version 5.1.4. My Ubuntu is 9.10. If I knew 
> the old version was the problem I'd upgrade, but I'd hate to go through all 
> that mess on anything but a very educated guess.

5.0 doesn't have an exactly compatible interface with 5.1; there is no
liblualib51.  I'd start with the 5.1 reference manual, but that's me.

> Is there anywhere on the web that has an up todate, for Lua5.1, bare bones 
> absolutely minimal example of Lua interfacing with C? seems to have something like
that, though I haven't read it enough to vouch for its quality.  Could you
try that and see whether it works for you?

   ---> Drake Wilson