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On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 08:03, Steve Litt <> wrote:

> It seems like my computer has /usr/lib/ but no corresponding
> liblualib51.*, and I'm using Lua version 5.1.4. My Ubuntu is 9.10. If I knew
> the old version was the problem I'd upgrade, but I'd hate to go through all
> that mess on anything but a very educated guess.

You have Lua 5.0 installed, and no Lua 5.1. Remove Lua 5.0 and install
5.1 instead. (Ubuntu packaging for Lua and modules is somewhat weird

Something along the lines

$ dpkg --get-selections | grep lua

<pick what you don't like from above, and sudo apt-get remove it>

$ sudo apt-get install lua5.1 liblua5.1-dev