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On Jan 18, 2011, at 7:31 AM, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
Thanks! Preliminary tests show it works fine. I also wrote a rockspec
for it called "bit32 5.2.0alpha" for Lua 5.1. After a few more testing
I'll post it to the LuaRocks repository.

Like I said, it was a simple hack for 32-bit Linux. Before it's ready for prime time, I think you need to include some #defines in lbitlib.c like
those in the 5.2 luaconf.h for the proper definition of lua_Unsigned.

Yes, be careful.  LHF's "simple hack" patch fails a number of the tests
in the lua 5.2.0 alpha test suite (in bitwise.lua).  In particular, in
some of the tests, the most significant bit is lost.

Here's a version of the bit32 library from 5.2.0-alpha, fully back- ported
to 5.1.4, with all the needed #defines and such:

It passes all the bitwise.lua tests on my linux x86 and Mac OS X PPC
systems.  Hisham, feel free to incorporate anything useful from it into
your version; it's all MIT licensed (actually, the only thing original
I wrote were a few comments.)