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> Here's a version of the bit32 library from 5.2.0-alpha, fully back- 
> ported
> to 5.1.4, with all the needed #defines and such:

To avoid having to edit much of the original code, I suggest adding the
defines below to your define section at the top:

#define LUAMOD_API
#define LUA_BITLIBNAME	"bit32"
#define luaL_newlib(x,y) luaL_register(x,LUA_BITLIBNAME,y)

Also, please preserve the RCS Id line so that we know which version it uses.

lua_pushunsigned can be static.

Perhaps it would be easier to pack all backport code into a lbitlib.h and
just add one line to lbitlib.c, ideally at the very top:

#include "lbitlib.h"