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Am 03.01.11 19:49, schrieb Antonio Scuri:
>> OpenMotif, being object oriented, is indeed easy to map.  I understand
>> why you'd like me to use iup rather than my own stuff, I just don't
>> know if I find the time for this.
>   Ok. No problem.
>> If you like the "Bauhaus"-Style of the screenshots at
>>, I can mail you some.
>   Sorry but the screenshots I found look too simple so I can figure out if I
> like them or not. They look like Motif with a few colors. I'm looking for
> some border enhancements, so Motif does not look so square. Thanks anyway.
> If you have some links so I can dig further It will be fine.

It is Motif with a few colors.  Antialiased fonts and UTF-8.  But
"roundedness" can not be added to OpenMotif.  It is kind of square.

I think if a rounded design is desired, OpenMotif is just not the right
toolkit at the moment.

I like the squareness.  It does not spoil to many pixels, as pixels are
the target area for the fingers of the persons operating our systems.
The more pixels are sensitive to touch events, the more likely they hit
it... ;)