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Am 03.01.11 16:58, schrieb Antonio Scuri:
>> I simply do not need an abstraction layer on top of several windowing
>> systems, but a reasonable interface to OpenMotif only, since OpenMotif
>> is all we use for our HMIs at the moment.
>   You said it all "at the moment", but who knows the future... But I got
> your point.

I have used alternatives, I know Qt and GTK+ quite well, btw.  And I
think Enlightenment is a nice project as well.  Personally I think that
OpenMotif, GTK+, and Elightenment have quite something in common, not
only that they are programmed in C.  So my concepts apply to all of them
and I guess it would be easy to switch, if needed.

>   Motif has a widget construction that is very easy to implement a Lua
> binding. On the other hand IUP does have a Motif driver, already has a Lua
> binding, and I would welcome everyone that knows Motif to use it. Could in
> fact contribute to the quality of the driver.

OpenMotif, being object oriented, is indeed easy to map.  I understand
why you'd like me to use iup rather than my own stuff, I just don't know
if I find the time for this.

>> It does the job well enough
>> for our touchscreen based interfaces, and with some sane X resources,
>> it doesn't even look ugly.  Recent OpenMotif has UTF-8 support and
>> anti-aliased fonts, so it does not look like mid-eighties software
>> necessarily.  And on embedded systems, themes like most toolkits offer
>> them nowadays are just not-so-needed...
>   Agree. Talking about "sane X resources" can you send me some samples? I
> would love to improve some Motif interfaces we have.

If you like the "Bauhaus"-Style of the screenshots at, I can mail you some.

- Marc

> Thanks,
> Scuri