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On Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 8:26 AM, Mark Hamburg <> wrote:
> The first item needs a designer and a dictator and ideally buy in from the Lua team since otherwise it involves making available and promoting a separate core distribution.

This I don't see, because such a library could easily be a binary
extension (the existing 'embedded' Lua libraries could be extracted
from the core since they only depend on the public API by design.)  So
what the Lua team ships remains unchanged. But increasingly people
will be using distributions curated by downstream people, whether it
be something like Lua for Windows or the Debian/Fedora/MacPorts Lua

> The second item can be much more freeform and open, but needs a strong community feedback mechanism to help people new to Lua (and even old hands pursuing new areas) sort the wheat from the chaff.

This requires the appropriate marriage of infrastructure and
community.  For instance, to correct any misunderstandings, I like the
Wiki and would never see any other web site as a _replacement_ for it
(whereas LuaForge is getting to its EOL phase and does need

As Alexander mentioned, LuaRocks is under-resourced, it's just Hisham
and Fabio, working by moonlight.  We were talking about how to spread
the load so that the time-consuming job of accepting new rocks could
be spread out. Again, this cannot be fully automated, but a little
technological assistance will be very useful.

steve d.