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On 02/01/2011 6.38, steve donovan wrote:
[1] It would be interesting to look at the bad experiences people have
had with LuaRocks, or reasons for general resistance.

I typically keep many projects around, each one with its own (possibly old, possibly modified) Lua interpreter and libraries. Sometimes the projects are shared with other people that may have different system configurations; in any case thay should be completely contained in a stand-alone directory. Having a system-wide repository for Lua interpreter and libraries and (especially) being only able to get pre-compiled libraries in its format or through its management program would significantly complicate my life, as would any form of auto-updating or lack of direct control over interpreter and libraries.

Of course, people using Lua for system-related tasks would see things differently. LuaRocks is a laudable project, it's just not what I currently need.