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On Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 7:32 AM, starwing <> wrote:
> now we changed the standard library in Lua 5.2(the set/getfenv
> are deprecated. so change the ... semantics is not a unacceptable change in
> new version of lua. if we makes f() return its all return value in all
> situation, and  (f()) just return its first return value, we will get
> the consistency behavior then we process return value. I think thus is
> important than portability.

Well, lua 5.2 does not actually break many features of Lua 5.1 (the
set/getfenv stuff can still be done by other means, and should be
wrapped up in a module anyway). The big breaker is deprecation of
module(...), so lots of libraries have to be written, but even there
they can be rewritten to preserve Lua 5.1 compatibility.

Changing the behavior of f() in table constructors will break a lot of
code in a silent and quite nasty way. I think the proposed
functionality is useful, but it should be explicit.

steve d .