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On 17 November 2010 16:12, Mike Pall <> wrote:
> And more extensions will come. I'm getting to the point where I
> can check in the first part of the FFI in the next days. This will
> pave the way for a slew of other features, e.g. 64 bit integers
> and native complex numbers. And when the FFI is complete, you can
> finally stop writing tedious C bindings (yay!).

Do you envisage that this same FFI interface could be provided for
standard Lua for compatibility reasons? This would allow a library
author to primarily target LuaJIT, yet still support people using the
main Lua distribution. It's significantly easier to port an FFI to
another platform than to port LuaJIT (judging by libffi at least, I'm
not sure what your FFI includes) so those on platforms where LuaJIT is
not supported but want to use one of these future FFI-implemented
bindings would find this particularly useful.