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> I guess 5.2 will be the 'Vista' of Lua releases.

Being 'Vista' is better than being 'Millenium' :-)

> I'm not going to start sorting out the API/ABI compatibility mess
> until I see developers jumping ship in hordes. LuaJIT has a
> user-base, too. And they don't like 'breaking' changes. However I
> might pick individual features (like __pairs) if they are easy to
> integrate and upwards-compatible. I'm open to suggestions.

Um. If I remember correctly, when the first work-version of 5.2 was
published, you said something about keeping 5.1 and 5.2 in parallel.

If there would be luajit2-5.1 and luajit2-5.2 targets, there will be
no breaking changes.

I'm really worried about LuaJIT 2 "5.1" straying further and further
away from the "language standard". I really don't want to see LuaJIT 2
as a Lua dialect. This will go bad for sure.

Please, keep 5.1 and 5.2 features separate.