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Mark Hamburg wrote:
> I'm not wild about the N-squared time complexity, but the
> ephemeron GC as a solution to semi-weak-table-induced collection
> problems is pretty useful.

It was already my plan to add this for the new LuaJIT GC
(postponed to 2.1).

> Getting rid of function environments (at least as mutable
> properties of functions) ought to be an optimization
> opportunity, but I'm not writing anything that depends on that.

Nope, not really. Since function environments were rarely changed,
they are treated as immutable. Similar things happen with upvalues,
since LuaJIT's alias analysis is quite good. Moving the environment
to an upvalue neither complicates things nor simplifies anything.

> The messier issue for me is that working in some environments
> where LuaJIT isn't an option -- e.g., iOS on ARM

Well, don't hold your breath. But I'm sure an ARM port will

> I'm really attracted by the yieldable pcall support in 5.2.

Alex already answered that -- you can have that feature right now
on all platforms.