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On Saturday 20, James Snyder wrote:
> This is a question I've actually had, that I'm wondering if perhaps
> Robert or someone else can comment on, what are the effective
> differences between these two EGC implementations?

I haven't had time to look into how Lua 5.2 implements it's EGC.  I plan on 
taking the time, once the new environment changes settle down.

> It looks as if Robert's patch has a few more configurable options (gc
> on memory limit vs gc on alloc failure), but I haven't dug into any of
> the implementation differences yet.

I think the extra features the patch has, should be possible with a custom 
allocator function in Lua 5.2.  If it is not possible to implement those 
features with a simple allocator, then I will be creating a patch for Lua 5.2 
at some point.

> FWIW, the EGC patch has been working quite well in eLua :-)

Good to hear.  I will continue to maintain the patch for Lua 5.1.x, for anyone 
that needs the EGC feature but can't upgrade to Lua 5.2 (which is still in 
flux and not an official release yet).

Robert G. Jakabosky