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I was just getting back into working on pbLua (Lua for the
LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT) and noticed that 5.2 Work 2 is available.

OK, it was a couple of months ago, but I've now got some time
to work on it.

Actually, I am having a problem with 5.1.4 and I think it has
to do with slow but steady memory creeps during high volume
coroutine switches. As you can imagine, I'm quite happy to see
the emergency garbage collection feature finally in the flesh!

As a first rough hack, I took the user-configured part of my luaconf.h
from 5.1.4 and pasted it into the same area in the new project.

The first major problem I hit is that the #define for luai_hashnum
requires floating point math, which I have, but may turn off.

Can I ask for (or supply if needed) a patch to make this work on
integer only builds of Lua?


PS. I'm glad to be back into this!