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Mark Hamburg kirjoitti 20.3.2010 kello 19:27:

On Mar 20, 2010, at 1:54 AM, Asko Kauppi wrote:

If you are interested in copying functions, the Lanes code can do that. It also copies upvalues.


Does it also copy the environment? How does it decide where to stop? For example, if I stick math.sin into a local variable math_sin and reference this as an upvalue in the function I'm passing, what does it do?

I think it did not copy the environment, though that could actually be implemented if needed.

It would copy the function given as upvalue. It only stops when there's a recursion (i.e. it cannot copy a function which has itself as upvalue, though even this could possibly be implemented, if needed).

One reason I made it was to see just how far one can go with existing Lua API. Quite far, actually.

The responsibility of not overusing it (since any copying would naturally have a runtime penalty) is up to the application programmer.

Naturally, once the copying has been done the two upvalues in the two separate Lua states are completely detached. There is a separate concept of shared states for inter-state communications.

- Asko