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well, we are dicussing a program made in Lua ... not its features or
fixes or bugs ... come on give some support!
when we didnt found enough support we fall back on lists!

2010/3/19 Alexander Gladysh <>:
> Guys, that's a list for discussing Lua, I beg you to try to be closer
> to the topic.
> Thanks,
> Alexander.
> On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 20:54, Max <> wrote:
>> 2010/3/19 Michal Kolodziejczyk <>:
>>> if I could store all my photos using this algorithm with
>>> better efficiency, it would be way more interested project for me.
>>> So I wonder if/how much space you can save if you put many files on such DB.
>>> Regards,
>>> miko
>> Hello Miko
>> yes you need the same space as the original file, but you can store a
>> file within existing blocks, that will reduce the size.
>> anyhow! you can store all your files in the offnode, then you have the
>> off-torrents in your bookmarks.
>> You can save and store your bookmarks in any txt file. The blocks can
>> be put on any node, webserver anywhere.
>> If you then have the off-torrent, you can load the file from any
>> off-client, or, even better, is you have a webserver with the blocks,
>> you can enter the IP of your webserver with the anonymous blocks, and
>> just replace in the off-torrent, the word localhost, with the IP of
>> your webserver, then you can browse your files from any browser
>> worldwide just with the browser (no off client needed) just by
>> replacing localhost with the IP of an node, which has the blocks, Then
>> you even do not need to load the blocks.
>> The blocks in your webserver are secure and just random data. So you
>> can external all files, that is ideal for a backup,
>> you need only the off-torrents in a small txt file or a database.