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On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 11:56 AM, Max <> wrote:
> Offload is storing files by XORing the file, that means, the chunks
> have no relation to the original file.

Yes they do, they are an encrypted version of the original file. The
encryption key is the same size as the chunk, and the algorithm is
xor, but it's still an encrypted movie.

> You just share shreddered blocks in the p2p network. The "meaning" is
> in the off-torrent.


> is the lua gui client for it, describing it on the
> webpage, that this p2p protocol is mixing all three: gnutella, torrent
> and edonkey. Offload has some potentials, as you can download and see
> files without any risk to be sued.

Rabid dogs have more self-control than "intellectual property"
lawyers, how can you say there isn't even a "risk" of being sued?

Remember napster? Napster's servers had no content on them at all, and
they were still taken down. Same with this scheme, they will attack
the source of the instructions on how to assemble/decrypt chunks.