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On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 8:23 PM, Jacob Jay <> wrote:
>> any comments about the "persistence database"?
> If all you want is persistence for a webapp there are better ways.
> What are your goals? If you're attempting to implement some degree of data untraceability, a technicality like fragmented and anonymised data still doesn't prevent the interpretation of intent/purpose under law. Although it should make forensics harder.

taking part in a p2p network means to be on a messenger., e.g. and
sending an retrieving data needs a reason to be forbidden, then you
need to stop the internet. of course, the off torrent itself has the
meaning and needs to be shared along the licenses.
Forensic is not possible, as you can store the file in the p2p network
and go offline, the blocks are still available, and for a download,
you get the blocks from any node in the DHT, one block from one node
in the cloud. no one is sending you the "file", just a 128 KB block,
which is shreddered data, with off-torrents you do not load any
file... so you cannot restore what you load.. except you have the