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I'm working on a C++ game that uses Lua scripts to control robot players. I'm noticing a common error that the scripters are making, and am looking for a way to detect it and print a helpful error message.

When the scripters should be writing:


they often write:


which looks similar but is of course very different. However, anyone with much experience in Java, C++, etc., is conditioned to see the second (wrong) version as right, so this is a very difficult bug to detect while reading the code.

In the setAngle function, I check that the correct number of parameters is passed, and I generate an error message if that happens. What I'd like to do is augment that mechanism by checking if the user used the "." variant and display a different message that suggests they verify that they meant to use "." and not ":".

Is there a way from C++ to figure out if a function was called using "." as opposed to ":"?