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I have wasted more than enough time doing debug prints and despirately need the capability to debug(single step/locals/stack) LUA embedded in a C application.
If somebody can help me .. I promise to write a proper document with screen shots etc...
For debugging do I need to put a breakpoint in the main C entry point or somewhere else? I run the application by just calling the binary that contains the interpreter library and the Lua scripts from a shell. How would SciTE set hooks to the scripts?I need to debug some complex mathematical algorithms which don't error out or generate stack traces... being a newbee DBGprints are not taking me far.
On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 1:37 AM, Saurabh <saurabhcv <at>> wrote:
> I want to debug a C host application which calls lua scripts and need the
> capability to debug both C and lua together. To begin with I am confused
> about the documentation that is most relevant to the latest and greatest
> SciTE-debug binaries. There is one at
> and another at

The second is more up-to-date, but the documentation needs to reflect
the new changes.

You don't need luagdb, and one instance of SciTE will do (you only end
up with two instances if you are debugging SciTE Lua itself)

And, yes, the debugger is basically clidebug, although there is also
remdebug available.

I will look at this and try to reverse engineer the documentation ;)

steve d.