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On Feb 16, 2010, at 6:05 PM, Christopher Eykamp <> wrote:

When the scripters should be writing:


they often write:


I think the real issue is that your scripters just aren't beaten enough.

Beat them like you mean business, and teach them to associate the colon with 'self':


This could possibly be supplemented with some automated electroshock feedback, by testing whether the first parameter to your function is the desired userdata, and if not then calling the needed routine (with an X10 interface for example) to deliver the necessary electric current to the poor tester. If said tester is not the responsible script author, he should be supplied with the script author's name and a large rubber bludgeon to complete the feedback loop.

You should, of course, avoid hiring masochists (which may be increasingly challenging).

See the whitepaper for details.